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Panasonic Rechargeable Professional Hair Trimmer


X-Taper Blades, New Linear Motor, Slim and Light Design

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  • New battery charger:

  • To charge, simply place the unit in the charge stand. The red lamp indicates when the battery has run out, and the green lamp indicates status during charging.
  • X-taper Blades that reduce stubble:

  • Specially designed X-taper blades firmly catch and cut hairs that are often missed to thoroughly reduce stubble.

  • Sharp 45º blade edge:

  • The sharp, precise 45º blade edge provides smooth, clean cutting performance satisfying the strict demands of professionals.

  • New Linear Motor with Constant Control:

  • Constant Control with advanced sensor technology detects the density of hair and automatically controls the speed of blade movement to assure smooth, steady cutting. With this advanced control, Panasonic's new linear motor, provides even smoother cutting with less stress than ever before even thought is now lighter before.

  • Six cutting lengths with three comb attachments:

  • Attachments for cutting to six different lengths (3 to 15 mm) are provided. Three comb attachments are provided to enable cutting to six different lengths (3 to 15 mm). The combs come with a special stand for neat storage.

ER-GP80-K722 Trimmers
  • New: Made in Japan, 5 KD Voucher
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Discount: Discounted Products
  • Voltage: 100-240v
  • Charging Time: 1 hour
  • Operating Time: 50 minutes
  • Feature 1: X-taper Blades
  • Feature 2: New Linear Motor
  • Feature 3: Slim and light design