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Tefa IS8380 Instant Control Garment Steamer (1.7 L)

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Vertical support for effortless steaming session, Extra-large metal steam head with pointed tip for enhanced ironing, Heats up in 45 seconds and saves on time

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The Tefal Instant Control Garment Steamer can be termed as the best in class upright garment steamer. It smoothes out creases and also removes off odours in the most quick and efficient fashion. The Tefal Instant Control offers dependable service especially when you are in a rush to get to work or are running late for a dinner. It steams your clothes, adds a crisp touch to them and gets you ready in no time. The patented Press and Steam vertical support system acts as an excellent flat surface on which the garment can be pressed up against for a quick and convenient garment steaming process.

Exclusive Press and Steam

The Tefal Instant Control Garment Steamer comes with a Vertical Support for enhanced and effortless steaming of your clothes. It offers a flat surface which holds the garment in place while it is being steamed.

Saves Time and Offers Precision

Thanks to the extra-large metal steam head with a pointed tip, the creases on the clothes are removed efficiently on all types of fabrics. The fact that it is ready to use in 45 seconds make this Instant Garment Steamer such a blessing when you are short on time.

Makes Life Easy

The Tefal Instant Control Garment Steamer makes taking care of your clothes easy by reducing your trips to the dry cleaner. Also at home, it saves on your linen care regime as you don’t need to spend time putting up the ironing board.

Simple to Use

The simplicity involved in operating this Garment Steamer makes it a must-have appliance. It comes with a simple on/off setting. The 1.7 L removable water tank lets allows longer steaming sessions. With the removable base, the steam hose length constraint is no longer there, which means you can steam long clothes, sofas, bed sheets, curtains and more.


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