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Naipo 3D Back and Waist Massage Cushion with Tapping on

NAIPO      SKU:  MGBK-136D

Massage for Lower Back , kneading massage

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  • Naipo 3D Back and Waist Massage Cushion with Tapping on


  • 8 three-dimensional rotating balls mimic the vigorous penetration of the hands of a true massage therapist.
  • Provides deep shiatsu kneading massage plus inward and outward movement for a more authentic massage experience.
  • Improved and updated massage speed that provides greater relaxation and relief.
  • Selectable heat also relaxes the back muscles for a more effective massage.
  • Its upper handle makes it easily transportable, while the ergonomic design fits its curves perfectly.

MGBK-136D Back Massager
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