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HP 200 Wireless Mouse with Top load Laptop Bag

HP      SKU:X6W31AA+T9B50AA

Optical technology, 2.4GHz wireless connection, Scroll wheel

 HP Wireless Mouse and Laptop Bag

This affordable wireless mouse offers you more than a low price. It gives you the freedom to create without wires to tie you down. And our wireless mouse is contoured for either hand, so increasing your productivity is more effortless. It’s never been easier to go wireless for less.


  • Brand: HP
  • Model: X6W31AA
  • Wireless convenience: No more wires with the reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection
  • Built to last: Strict HP standards and guidelines ensure long-lasting Quality.
  • Contoured comfort: A contoured shape designed for all-day comfort in either hand.
  • Optical technology: LED lights scan the surface beneath the mouse to detect movement with a fair amount of accuracy, suitable for everyday computing and browsing.
  • 4GHz wireless connection: This mouse connects to your computer using a wireless USB receiver and works up to 30 feet away
  • Features a scroll wheel and 3 buttons.
  • Scroll wheel can be used to scroll both vertically and horizontally.
  • Can be used comfortably whether you're right- or left-handed.
  • Hardware compatibility: Convenient compatibility: Supports Windows 7 and above, Mac OS 10.x, and Chrome.

X6W31AA+T9B50AA Mice