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Panasonic Hand Blender 800W - MX-S101WTZ


4-Blade Blender, Safety Function

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Panasonic Hand Blender 800W - MX-S101WTZ


   4-Blade Blending System

  • This system consists of curved, single-edge blades that thoroughly stir and roughly cut ingredients, and straight, single-edge blades that catch the ingredients and finely cut them.

   Original Hood Form for Superior Results

  • The notched hood efficiently draws in the ingredients and circulates them, while preventing them from scattering.

   Child Lock and 2-Step Switch

  • These functions prevent accidental operation when not in use, or when mounting or removing an attachment.

   Double Motor Protection Devices

  • A circuit breaker stops operation when an overcurrent occurs from blending prohibited ingredients, and a thermostat stops operation when the hand blender is continuously used and excessive heat is detected.

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