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Panasonic Stainless Steel Wide Tube Juicer


120° Rotatable Spout, Anti-Drip Spout with 1.5L Juicer Jug

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Panasonic Stainless Steel Wide Tube Juicer ,75 mm Wide Feeder Tube ,Bigger in size Full Metal Spinner ,120° Rotatable Spout ,Anti-Drip Spout with 1.5L Juicer Jug ,2.0L Pulp Container.

Large Feeding Tube : The feeding tube has 75mm diameter, large enough to fit whole fruits and veggies, so there’s no need to cut them into small pieces. The large-capacity, 2 liter pulp container lets you make a lot of juice,one after the other.

120° Rotatable Spout & Anti-Drip Spout : When several people are sitting around the table, they can simply mvoe the spout towards themselves easy pouring.Simply lift the spout after using it to stop any juice from dripping.

Precise and Durable Full Metal Spinner : The Full Metal Spinner’s S-Shaped Cutter firmly holds fruit in place as it is being juiced, and centrifugal force works to eject the pulp. It squeezes more efficiently because the fruit doesn’t spin. Thorough extraction is achieved by the Low-Angle Cutter, and the fine Filter Mesh seperates the juice from the pulp so you always get a refreshing, thirst-quenching drink.

Two Speed Control : The powerful 800 watt motor makes juicing quick and easy, and Two-Speed Control lets you adjust the power to match the hardness of the ingredients.

MJ-DJ01STZ Juicers
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Speed: 2
  • Type: Juicer
  • Power: 270 w
  • Capacity: Jug 1.5 L /Pulp Container 2.0 L
  • Country Of Origin: Malaysia