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Huawei Colour Band A2 0.9 Inch Yellow/Green


0.96 inch PMOLED display, Bluetooth, Android and IOS

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Smartphones running Android 4.4 or later or iOS 8.0 or later that support Bluetooth 4.2.Dimension-46.8 mm x 20.5 mm x 11.2 mm.

App Integration with Huawei Health & Huawei Wear

  • Multi-dimensional data monitoring & Personalized sports plans
  • Easy sharing to mainstream social medias
  • Attractive sports information & Interesting sports interactions

Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring, RealTime Fitness Tracking

  • Track fitness intensity in real-time with continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Reduce injuries from excessive exercise with fast heart rate reminding
  • All health data & suggestions are for reference only.

Bluetooth 4.2

  • Compatible with mainstream Android & iOS Devices
  • Keep offline records of workout data during the last 7 days if not connected to any devices
  • Device Requirements: Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 8.0 or higher, or devices that support Bluetooth 4.2

Up to 9 Days Battery Life in 1.5 Hours Magnetic Charge

  • Based on the test results of Honor Lab, for reference only

Improve Sleep Quality

  • Improve sleep quality through sleep monitoring & smart alarm clock
  • Sleep Monitoring: Accurate sleep stages (light / deep / awake) monitoring together with heart rate tracking
  • Smart Alarm Clock: Wake up happier and more refreshed
  • All health data & suggestions are for reference only.


Daily Sweat & Water Proof

Your trusted companion in daily life, no need to remove it when washing your hands or even taking a shower


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