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Panasonic Cordless IPL Body & Facial Hair Removal System


600 Flashes Per Full Charge, Glowing & Refined Facial Skin Enhancement

Made in Japan

For finer, smoother, glowier skin:
For best results, treat your face with IPL once every 3 days.
A build-up of dead skin cells can roughen your facial skin and make it look dull.
IPL treatment stimulates the shedding of dead skin cells, leaving your skin glowing and more finely-textured.

For best results, shave before IPL treatment:
To ensure that the hair follicles receive the full effect of the IPL flashes, shave the area before applying IPL.
Step 1: Pre-shave area to be treated.     Step 2: Proceed with IPL treatment.

5 Intensity Settings:
There are 5 flash intensity settings, so you can adjust the flash intensity level to suit the area to be treated and the sensitivity of your skin. This allows delicate areas to be treated more gently.

Easy Operation Push and Slide:
To apply flashes, simply press the head against your skin, and slide it along. It will emit a flash automatically every three seconds.
Step 1: Press the head against your skin. (flashes will be delivered automatically)        Step 2: Slide the head Along.

ES-WH90-P722 Epilators
  • New: Made in Japan
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Voltage: Universal
  • Settings: 5 Intensity Settings
  • Charging Time: 3 hours for 600 flashe
  • Usage Time: 600 flashes in one charge
  • Feature: 100,000 flashes, Flash Bulb Life
  • Flash Bulb Life: 5.4cm2 (for body)/2.4cm2 (for face)
  • Country Of Origin: Japan