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HP Omen Gaming Headset by SteelSeries, Black

HP      SKU:X7Z95AA

Professional-grade comfort, Retractable mic, Compatible with Omen laptops version 1.1, Omen desktop PC version 1.1 and Omen X

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When your PC is less of a workhorse and more of a battle station, equip yourself with gaming accessories designed to annihilate the competition. Developed with input from the top esports teams, this headset's high-quality performance and precise attention to detail are the difference between crushing victory and heartbreaking defeat.


  • Hear the key frequencies important to competitive gaming and never miss a critical sound
  • The lightweight headband and padded ear-cushions evenly distribute its weight for supreme comfort
  • Pull out the mic for team play, and retract it safely into the earcup when you solo queue
  • Balanced Soundscape: Never miss a critical sound
  • Professional-Grade Comfort: Lightweight headband and padded ear-cushions
  • Retractable Mic: Mic retracts safely into ear cup
  • On-the-Fly Adjustments: With controls built into the cord, there's no need to alt tab

X7Z95AA Headphones & Earphones