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Braun Hair Dryer

BRAUN      SKU:  SPI2200MN/HD730

2200 watt Power, Unique 20 Degree Filter Angle

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  • The Braun Satin Hair 7 hair dryer with IONTEC is specifically designed to preserve the natural shine and health of your hair during hair drying.The brown research demonstrated that excessive heat during drying leads to a significant loss of moisture of the hair.  They are brittle and look dull and unhealthy.  The Braun Satin Hair 7 hair dryer is your guarantee for healthy drying because it has a continuous and precise temperature control.

  • No hair breakage : The patented filter fabric at the back of the Braun Satin Hair 7 hair dryer helps to avoid hair breakage.  It protects your hair before it is drawn by the device.  This makes it easier styling.  Moreover, the filter can be easily removed to clean it

  • No drying : The Satin Hair 7 hair dryer with unique IONTEC is specifically designed to avoid dehydration and damage to the hair.  Compared to devices without IONTEC it even improves the moisture content of your hair during drying

  • For precise styling : The extra narrow Profidüse ensures accurate drying and styling

  • Perfect finish : The additional cold setting provides the perfect finishing touch to fix your hairstyle

  • No hair damage : The Satin Hair 7 hair dryer dries your hair gently and offers optimal protection.  Its unique satin-Protect overheating protection allows you to keep the temperature constant at 70 ° C, and continues to provide a strong air current.  This will ensure that your hair is dried, but is not damaged. The ceramic protection module also ensures a uniform temperature distribution.

SPI2200MN/HD730 Hair Dryers
  • Brand: Braun
  • Color: Silver / Black
  • Watts: 2200W
  • Cord Length: 2 m