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Panasonic Wet/Dry Epilator with 4 Piece Kit


30% wider,Double Discs with 60 Tweezers,Flexible 90° Pivoting Head

  • Smooth Skin Comfortably in one stroke.

  • Features:

  • -Panasonic's wet/dry epilator features a completely new shape, a 30% wider* head, and double discs with 60 tweezers to enable fast highly efficient hair removal.

  • -Gentle epilation in the bath and shower.

  • -Wet & Dry Shower Epilation This water-resistant design allows you to use the device in the bath comfortably. Using the device in warm water softens the skin, so you can remove unwanted hairs easily.

  • -Foam Epilation Pour shower gel directly onto the head to make foam. Fine foam gathers around each unwanted hair so that you can remove it softly and gently from the root.

  • -LED light An LED light illuminates hard-to-see areas like the underarms and the bottoms of your feet. This allows you to find and remove every hair.

  • -3-speed settings Press the button to choose the speed from soft/normal/power mode depending on part of the body you are treating or the thickness of the hair.

  • -Cordless operation Offers a full 1hour charge that will last for up to 30 minutes of cordless operation.

  • -Washable The device is waterproof so you can rinse the entirety in running water to wash away hairs and always keep it clean.

  • -New slim grip design The user-centric shape makes the handle easy to grip and easy to reach hard-to-get-at areas of the body.

ES-EL3A-N421 Epilators
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