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Allocacoc PowerCube UK Plug Socket with 4-Travel Plugs 


With 5-Outlet + adapter socket + 4-Travel plugs, Lightweight and portable, convenient for travel.

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We are all familiar with travel adapters, but they all have several shortcomings. First of all, they only contain one outlet while nowadays we probably carry more than one electronic device with us. Secondly, when buying a travel adapter it only comes with one type of plug, while we need multiple types of plugs when traveling around the world. Finally, when returning home, regular travel adapters end up in a drawer, not to be used again until the next trip, as they cannot be used for daily household purposes. Such a waste.

With 5-Outlet + Adapter Socket + 4-Travel plugs; 
Unique design, can use multiple sockets at the same time, and avoids plugs blocking one another; 
Lightweight and portable, convenient for travel. Overview:
While working on our concept, we have the following in mind: You do not need a universal socket when tracking, but a universal plug. 
Secondly, most of us need many sockets. 
A third problem is that when returning home, they do not have to be used for daily household purposes. 
Such a waste! With these problems in mind, we conceived a different standard for travel adapters: the PowerCube rewirable. 

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