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F&D Chronos Bluetooth Speakers 2.5W


360 degree sound field, Multi color lighting

Looking for an affordable Bluetooth waterproof speaker that you can travel with, has solid battery life, good build quality and tough enough to be carried and splashed around in your travels or your poolside party?  The F&D Chronos Bluetooth speaker a deeply discounted waterproof speaker from F&D is a great option if you are looking for above-mentioned features where the budget is your primary concern. It comes with a great design making it easy to match your decor and your personality as well as provides great performance for its unmatchable affordability.Snapdeal offers you this speaker at an unbelievable price with just a click of a button.


The elegantly designed F&D Chronos Bluetooth speaker features a clear transparent cylindrical design with all black top and bottom edges. It’s lightweight, weighing around 208 grams and comes with built dimensions of 83 x 83 x 85 mm easily sitting in the palm of your hand. This portable speaker with its futuristic looks is floor standing and is extremely touch friendly enhancing the musical experience not just by its sound quality but also by its aesthetics.  It glows in a shade of dark blue when played in the dark, adding a touch of mysticism to your musical experience. The navigational buttons are located at the bottom edge giving an easy access to play, pause or decide on previous or next tracks as well as volume control.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The wireless F&D Chronos Bluetooth speaker comes with Bluetooth capacity. Pair it with any other Bluetooth enabled device, be it your smartphone or laptop or your tablet to enjoy a tangle-free listening experience. With its dynamo size, and its wireless capability the speaker gives you an unlimited choice of moving around in any space. Port it wherever you go! This hassle-free speaker provides easy pairing giving you the satisfaction of listening to your music anywhere, anytime.

Aux and USB Port

Want to listen to your mp3 pIayer or cassette player?  Do not have a phone, tab or laptop with Bluetooth feature. Don’t worry; you can still connect your F&D Chronos Bluetooth speaker to any of your audio devices.  The speakers come equipped with both an Aux port as well as a USB port. Plug the jack and you can now connect your speaker to whatever device you want, analog or digital- be it a mp3 player, phone, or web app.


The F&D Chronos Bluetooth speaker comes with 700 mAh lithium-ion battery. It delivers up to 4 hours of battery life when fully charged. This speaker can be charged using a micro-USB cable, with a power input of 5V.

Sound Quality

The F&D Chronos comes with a stereo sound system with a 2.5W RMS. It provides for a strong and overly rich sound with flawless 360-degree coverage. And since the nicest thing about Bluetooth speakers is that they can travel with you, you now have your music also on the move.

Receive Incoming Calls

The F&D Chronos also doubles up as a speakerphone as it comes with an inbuilt microphone. Now apart from your music you can also make conference calls anywhere – your home, office or car.


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