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Adata A10050, 10050mAh, 5V Power Bank, Gold

ADATA      SKU:  AA10050-5V-CGD

DC 5V/2A, Lithium-ion Battery, Dual USB Ports, LED Status indicator

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Multi-circuit protection:
At ADATA, safety is priority one. The A10050 power bank integrates multiple protective measures against excessive charge, discharge, voltage, heat, current, and short circuiting. Six dedicated heavy-duty and intelligent counter measures keep you, your environment, and devices safe without compromising performance.

Big capacity at the ready:
Work and travel free from worrying about running out of power. With 10050mAh, you get a full 3.7 charges for a device like the iPhone whenever needed, standing by to top-up batteries quickly.

Finest quality components:
We ensure superior power bank efficiency, stability, durability, and safety by using only the best components and carrying out extensive testing. From sophisticated internal circuitry and wiring to a fire and impact-resistant outer shell, the A10050 is designed for long-term, reliable service.

Bright and clear LED status indicator:
The A10050 keeps you always informed. Its LED indicator is very prominent in the sleek design and stays constantly up to date so you’re in the know. It shows you when the power bank is on, when it’s charging and discharging, and most importantly the current battery level, including a “low charge” caution light.

Dual USB ports recharge two devices at once:
Why settle for charging one device at a time when you can recharge two at once? The A10050 has twin USB ports, one rated 1A (ideal for smaller devices like smartphones), and the other 2.1A – which is excellent for tablets. This doubles charging efficiency and drastically reduces potential down time, helping you keep more devices powered.


• Brand: Adata
• Model: AA10050-5V-CGD
• Micro USB cable Include
• Input: DC 5V/2A (Micro USB)
• Output:  DC 5V 2.1A (Type-A USB)

AA10050-5V-CGD Power Banks