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iDance Mini Cube 2 Bluetooth Speaker

iDance      SKU:CM2

10 Watts Sound & Lighting System, Bluetooth Audio Streaming

iDance Mini Cube Bluetooth Speaker. 10 Watts SOUND and Lighting System. Bluetooth Audio Streaming. 20 lighting programs. 2 Disco led mode, VuMeter and Lightshow. Easy carry handle for Easy move or Dock ready. Rear bracket for Wall mount. AUDIO OUTPUT. Works with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Kindle Fire HD, Android devices, and more.

CM2 Wireless Speakers
  • Brand: iDance
  • Power: 10 watts
  • Feature 1: 20 lighting programs
  • Feature 2: Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • Feature 3: Rear bracket for Wall mount
  • Feature 4: 10 Watts Sound and Lighting System
  • Feature 5: 2 Disco led mode, VuMeter & Lightshow