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S-Digital SPLASH Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker

S-DIGITAL      SKU:X-3808

USB Charging Port, USB-MP3, FM-PLL, Aux-In

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S-Digital Splash is completely wireless Water Resistant music system with IPX4 LAB-CERTIFIED INGRESS PROTECTION. That means SERIOUS water proofing. It’s completely rain and splash proof - Our SPLASH X-3808 wireless bluetooth portable speaker can be taken in and around wet areas. This means that your music can be with you practically anywhere. It’s specially designed to be rugged and is protected by silicone rubber bumpers and trims. All keys are water sealed, including all the USB ports and other jacks.

X-3808 Wireless Speakers
  • Brand: S-Digital
  • Feature 1: Twin High Bass Water-Proof Speakers
  • Feature 2: FM-PLL Stereo Radio Tuner with Station Presets
  • Feature 3: Digital Volume + Treble + Bass Independent Controls
  • Feature 4: USB-Powerbank (USB Storage Backup Battery) Built-In
  • Feature 5: Waterproof (Splash-Proof) Music System (iPX4 Rated INGRESS PROTECTION)