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Bravo Team Vr With Aim Controller


PlayStation VR Aim Controller heightens the experience of any compatible shooter for your PlayStation

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Bravo Team is set in a modern fictional city in Eastern Europe. When his escort mission fails and results in the assassination of the president, a country threatens to separate ... and his team along with her. Feel the action with the precise motion control of the PlayStation VR Aim Controller and deeply intuitive controls as you embark on this journey of intense combat and split decision making. Bravo Team, together with PlayStation VR Aim Controller puts you at the center of an intense FPS action.

TEAMWORK: Teamwork is the core of the game. Bravo Team has been developed to allow cooperatives of individual players and 2 players online. Player cooperation is key. Verbal communication between players is essential to make the decisions you need to survive and avoid (or navigate) the enemy's detection.

INTENSIVE IMMERSIVE ACTION: Bravo Team takes you on an exciting journey of intense combat and decision making in a fraction of a second. With the feel of an action movie, Bravo Team offers exciting combat situations, multiple scenarios and a continuous and uninterrupted environment to create a totally immersive experience.

TOTAL CONTROL: Bravo Team puts you directly into action. You'll have to tilt the corners to get targets or bend over to cover yourself if it's under fire. You will lift the aiming controller to see through the iron sight or hold it over your head to make a blind shot.