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PlayStation Move Motion Controllers - Twin Pack

SONY      SKU:  711719924265-MOVE

Advanced motion sensing and light tracking technology

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Compatible with USB Micro-B cable for connection and battery charging. Engraved indicators for OPTIONS and SHARE buttons. Small elevated dot on the X button for easy identification when wearing the PlayStation®VR headset.

  • EASY TO USE AND COMFORTABLE TO HOLD A lightweight, ergonomic design features a built-in vibration function and sphere that is accurately tracked by the PlayStation®Camera. Each controller also includes a wrist strap for safety and comfort.
  • ENJOY COMPLETE CONTROL Intuitively interact with your game's virtual environment and take full control with a simple button layout, including a large dedicated trigger and familiar DualShock®4 wireless controller action buttons.
  • Combine PlayStation VR with the motion controller for truly unique experiences – once you slip on the headset, motion controllers in your hands can become anything, from guns and pool cues to your own virtual hands.
  • Rechargeable 

711719924265-MOVE Virtual Reality