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Naipo Foot Maasage with Heat and Airbag Massager

NAIPO      SKU:MGF-836

3D Rolling Massage , Complete Foot Massage

Comprehensive Foot Massager - Compression produced by airbags from the feet massager will go deep into sole reflex zone according to TCM nursing theory, which relieves tired achy foot areas covering insteps, ankles and key pressure points on both sides; The combination of mild heat massage helps improve sleeping quality, promote metabolism, and eliminate fatigue, stress.


Airbag Adjustment - Adjustable intensity (3 levels: low, medium and high) provides you with different massage experiences; Convenient electric massager is characterized by deep kneading and air pressure technology to strengthen muscle tissues and reduce tension, allowing you unwind after a day’s working, shopping or more.


Soothing Heat - For enhanced comfort, this foot massager is equipped with infrared heating function to relieve tense muscles and promote stress relief; Can heat up to 113°F in 10 minutes for soothing warmth; TWO optional heating levels further meet your need for relaxation.


3D Rolling Massage Technology - The massage rollers, which imitate massage techniques and movements by professional masseurs, exert comfy pressure on heels, toes and soles, greatly helping with foot soreness and muscle tension.


Convenient for Leisure - Place the electric foot massager anywhere you want: under a bed, sofa or in a closet for easy storage; Refresh yourself with the foot massage machine, whether you are at home, in office, or during a vacation.


  • Comprehensive Foot Massager 
  • Airbag Adjustment (3 levels: low, medium and high)
  • Soothing Heat TWO optional heating levels 
  • 3D Rolling Massage Technology 
  • Convenient for Leisure
  • Made in china

MGF-836 Massage Chairs