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Refa S CARAT Portable Face Massager

MTG      SKU:RF-SC1855B

Soler Panel, Double Lymphatic Drainage Rollers

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Care for your forehead:
Roll lightly from between the eyebrows to the hairline for a firmer forehead.

Care for your face:
Roll along your laugh lines. Press down lightly and roll carefully and smoothly.

Care for your mouth:
Roll the small motions to lift the corners of the mouth. While rolling, imagine your best smile, with the corners slightly turned up.

Care for your eyes:
Roll in a half-circular motion from below the eye to the temple. Gently knead the area around the eye. Roll gently and concentrate on the area under the eyes for a brighter impression. Roll in small motions between the outer corner of the eye and the temple for firmer eyes.

Roll your way to beatifully Firm skin:
ReFa S CARAT is inspired by the kneading techniques of professional estheticians. It is sleek, portable and can be used on specific eye and face areas. The double spherical drainage rollers imitates the motions of manual lymphatic drainage by gently lifting and firming the eyes and mouth areas with soft-touch pinpoint kneading.

RF-SC1855B Handy Massagers
  • Brand: MTG
  • Feature: Solar Panel
  • Feature 1: Curved Handle
  • Feature 2: Water Resistant
  • Feature 3: Current Conducting Bearings
  • Feature 4: 360° multi-angle configuration
  • Feature 5: Double lymphatic drainage rollers