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Refa for BODY Four Rollers

MTG      SKU:RF-BD1827B

Performs Spiral Esthetic Kneading, Massaging, Grabbing & Squeezing Motions

Adjustable Handle:
The handle angle can be easily adjusted by twisting the grip up to 90 degrees for more comfortable use.

ReFa for BODY generates fine microcurrent by taking in light from the two solar panels installed in the front and rear.

Water-proof Structure:
Water-proof specifications that meet the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) (IPX7 or equivalent). It can also be used in your bathtub.

Quatro Drainage Roller:
The quatro roller can be maneuvered in any direction; forward, backwards, and to the sides, which enables you to roll efficiently and smoothly on any body parts.

Esthetic Method:
This roller replicates multiple motion of 'pinching and creating circulation' and 'picking up and squeeze'. The roller can maneuver easily along complex bodylines to provide firmed and toned skin.

RF-BD1827B Handy Massagers
  • Brand: MTG
  • Feature 1: Microcurrent
  • Feature 2: Esthetic Method
  • Feature 3: Adjustable Handle
  • Feature 4: Water-proof Structure
  • Feature 5: Quatro Drainage Roller
  • Material: Aluminum, ABS plastic, acrylic, stainless steel, nylon, crystal glass, platinum (Pt)