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S-Digital NUKE High Power Bluetooth Audio Amplifier

S-DIGITAL      SKU:GB-6000

Rechargeable, FM-PLL, 2 Aux-In, USB & SD Card Slots

S-Digital High Power Bluetooth Rechargeable Audio Amplifier. NUKE, a portable wirless boombox that is powerful and loud enough for the outdoors, with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that keeps the music going for 6 hours. Twin Heavy Bass Drivers with independent sealed Enclosures. High Contrast LED Backlit Display with Graphic Spectrum Analyzer. Digital Volume Control (Endless Rotation Type) with Display Indicator. Incorporated a USB-MP3 player for the ability to share music instantly, and an SD-Card MP3 player that converts the NUKE into a portable Juke Box capable of holding and playing thousands of songs.

GB-6000 Wireless Speakers
  • Brand: S-Digital
  • Feature 1: Rotary Treble + Bass Controls
  • Feature 2: Smartphone Cradle-Slot Built-In
  • Feature 3: USB/SD-Card Slots for MP3 Playback
  • Feature 4: 4 Band/8 Step-Level Spectrum Analyzer Indicator
  • Feature 5: Dynamic Sporty Design with 3-Way Carry Handle