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Allocacoc PowerCube Extended 5 Outlets


 5 Outlets 1.5m Extension Power Strip with Surge Portector UK Plug.

A removable docking station allows you to stick and mount the Powercube anywhere. Any horizontal or vertical flat surface will suffice, and you can even position it inverted beneath a desk to keep it out of sight. With removable sticky tape, it can be moved repeatedly depending on your needs to allow you complete freedom.

The extension cable allows you to position the Powercube up to 1.5 m away from the wall socket, while the cable fix offers you the opportunity to neatly fix the lead trail in place.


The PowerCube is modular: you can create the setup you prefer by adding more PowerCubes to the PowerCube |Extended| mounted on your desktop.


The USB-versions of the PowerCube come with powered dual USB ports, enabling you to charge, all USB-charge enabled devices, including tablet computers (like the iPad).

No obstructions

Plugs cannot obstruct eachother, as each plug, connects to a different side of the PowerCube.

Docking station

With the included docking, station, the |Extended| versions, of the PowerCube can be mounted anywhere: on your desk, on a wall the options are endless.

7300/UKEXPC-1.5M Power Extension