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Nacon - Playstation 4 Revolution Pro Wired Controller


8-Way Directional Pad, Twin Shoulder Buttons, 3.5mm Audio jack to Plug Gaming Headset

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The Playstation 4 Nacon Revolution Pro Wired Controller takes your console gaming to the Next level. It lets you access PS4's unveiled capabilities and gives you the freedom to change the rules your way. Become unbeatable by moving quicker, firing faster, and reaching further than your opponents. Designed and developed with professional eSports players, the Playstation 4 Nacon Revolution Pro will always have your back. With its fully customizable and unmatched precision, it is going to take your competitiveness at eSports levels to a new level.

 Rapid response/ Unbeatable Sticks

This Nacon PS4 gaming controller Mechanical trigger stop switches and hair-trigger mode for rapid fire, providing instant response and devastatingly quick activation in-game features an innovative convex right analog stick to give you superior control over your every move. Its height and amplitude are enhanced to allow for an incredibly high degree of accuracy. Its big head ensures precise movement even during the most intense battles. The analog stick is also encircled by a backlight halo LED that lets you know which of the two controller modes you are using.

 A True & Unique 8 Way D-Pad

Give your gameplay the eSports edge with cutting edge analog stick and controller customization – so the actions you need are always at your fingertips. Nacon PS4 Pro gaming controller features four extra-large wings to ensure that you never lose control while switching between left joystick and D Pad. The angled wings allow for a quick and easy orientation for the fingers without the need to take the eyes off the screen. This 8-Way D-PAD is perfect for any fighting game and will give you a real advantage in competition.

Touch Pad with Engraved PlayStation Pictos

The REVOLUTION Pro Controller includes all the classic features of a controller along with additional DUALSHOCK 4 controls including the innovative touch pad and SHARE button, and a 3.5mm headset jack. Furthermore, both the triggers and the shoulder buttons of the controller are profiled, allowing them to integrate seamlessly into the overall design and give you super-fast responsiveness.

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  • Brand: SONY
  • Model: Playstation 4 Revolution Pro
  • Type: Controllers
  • Cable Length: 3 meters
  • Feature: Enhanced left and right analogue sticks with 46° amplitude for advanced accuracy