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SADES SA-910 Spellond 7.1 Pro Wired Gaming Headset


Leather Padding Ear Cupsm, Surround Sound, Includes Vibration


  • The SADES Spellond upgraded sound card, quality, build and comfort headset. Nothing says unique like the SADES Spellond.
  • With shield shape ear cups, you're guaranteed pure gaming experience. The SADES Spellond is built with leather padding on the ear cups and headband for hours of gaming comfort.
  • With a braided fiber cable that equals to almost 10 feet long, the SADES Spellond can almost travel wherever you go.
  • Continuing with the shield design, the SADES Spellond offers a shield designed volume control center with mute buttons for your microphone and sound.
  • Built with TUNGSTEN STEEL the SADES Spellond offers extreme durability for longer lasting use.
  • With 7.1 surround sound channels, the audio levels for your games will be amazing.
  • Also including a very unique feature "Vibration", combining the 7.1 audio and vibration setting gives you the ultimate live gaming action in your ears.
  • The SADES Spellond also includes a hidden noise canceling microphone built into the ear cup for easier storage and clear communication.
  • The SADES Spellond also includes LED lights options for the ultimate design style.

SA-910-SPELLONDPRO Gaming Headsets