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Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner


Poweful Max. 1500W, 15 Liter Dust Capacity

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner.Poweful Max. 1500W.Large 15 Liter Dust Capacity.The Drum is stronger - New Drum with 3.0mm ditch.Cord Length 6.0m.Anti-bacyeria filter includes cooper in the fabric adding stronger power. This copper eliminates odor particles through chemical bonding, keeping the filter clean, improving room air quality and keeping your body free of pollutants.From 1900 watts to 2500 watts, Panasonic's high quality, durable motors allow a wide range of power for high standard cleaning.Durable, stainless steel bottom plate The durable bottom plate of the vacuum, with the floor brush in front collecting the dust and the wiper blade equipped behind preventing dust trails, is non magnetic, “304” stainless steel metal and will not rust nor damage while effectively cleaning hard floors

MC-YL690A Drum Vacuums