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Panasonic MK-GM1700 Meat Grinder 1700W


Efficient Meat Grinding, high-performance motor and blade


    Specially Designed Blade for Efficient Meat Grinding

  •   An optimally shaped blade for meat grinding achieved by repetitive testing easily cuts through meat fiber.A single cut produces smooth,uniform mincemeat.

    Grinds More Meat,  More Quickly

  •   By combining the specially designed blade shape with  Panasonic's motor technology, the meat-grinding performance is further increased. The 1 ,700W motor efficiently grinds meat and achieves mincing capacity up to 2.6kg/min.

    On/Off Switch and Reverse Function

  •   A single dial switches on/off, and reverse operation for  when ingredients are stuck. Circuit breaker stops motor operation when overloading, easy to restart by just dialing to Reset and then .

    Durable Full Metal Hopper

  •   Temporarily holds meat for easy movement of the necessary amount to the serving dish.

MK-GM1700STZ Meat Grinders