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La Fede First Lady Eau de Parfum For Women, 75ml

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Size: 75 ml, Top Notes: Rose, Bergamot, Middle Notes: Cedarwood, Jasmine, Base Notes: Patchouly, Musk

Product Description:

"First Lady" is a very romantic and evocative fragrance that is perfect for pleasure-seeking women. With its sophisticated composition, La Fede has created a pleasure which, as if time had stopped, transports us to the moments in our lives when we have been able to feel the preciousness of being alive.

The First Lady EDP is a floral olfactive family inspired by the modern woman. It expresses her naturally feline and masculine attitude. A fragrance of pure allure and feminine seduction, with top notes of rose and bergamot, middle notes of cedarwood and jasmine, whereas base notes of patchouli and musk infuse strength and tenderness. Darker base notes are needed to soften light top notes, just as an undertone of bitterness is required for balance, but never to trim away some extravagance or some vice. Just as true love is more than just an idea.

"La Fede" means "the faith" in Italian, and it's the faith that the designers have put into this perfume that makes all the difference. Each scent is a vibrant tangle of emotions, dreams, memories, fantasies–all tamed by an underlying harmony of some kind. It is a stunning feminine fragrance created by perfumer Ilias Ermenidis for women. This perfume comes in the recognizable bottle that resembles the trapeze that acrobats use to fly through the air at circuses.