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Skyworth 65 Inch OLED UHD 4K Smart TV - LED-55XA8000

SKYWORTH      SKU:  LED-65XA8000

4K (3840×2160), Android TV, ultra slim body

Skyworth XA8000 series, is a specially designed OLED Android TV, 4.7mm ultra slim body and super contrast, representing the peak designing and revolutionary PQ technology in TV industry. Support Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. Dual eco bring you double convenient.Blue-light hazard can easily cause retinal injury, myopia, cataract and other diseases. OLED doesn’t need backlight so that it can minimize the harm of blue-light hazard, which is the best choice for our family to protect eyes. With Dolby and DTS Trusurround, XA8000 can Actively Regulate the audio to provide a rich, clear and stereoscopic surround sound effects.The OLED screen adopts organic light-emitting materials, and each pixel of the screen can be independently controlled to realize pixel dimming, thereby precisely controlling every detail of the screen. 4K 120Hz refresh rate can achieve a full range of anti-shaking of the picture, completely solve the problem of 4K motion picture shaking, so that the motion picture is smooth and clear.