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Killzone: Shadow Fall Game


Game for PlayStation 4

The events of Killzone Shadow Fall take place thirty years after the events of Killzone 3. Set in a time of planetary colonization, the game focuses on the conflict between the Vektans and the Helghast, two rival colonist factions inhabiting a remote planet. For 3 decades, both factions have lived side by side, separated by an enormous security wall but now their cold war is about to run hot.

PS4KILZONESHADFAL Playstation 4 Games
  • Brand: Sony
  • Feature 1: The benchmark cinematic shooter of the next generation of gaming
  • Feature 2: Utilize an expansive arsenal of futuristic weapons and gadgetry
  • Feature 3: Tense, realistic cold war sci-fi: On a divided Vekta, one in which bitter enemies are forced to coexist, constant discord threatens to unravel into all-out war