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Fitbit Charge 4 Health & Fitness Tracker, Rosewood


24/7 Heart Rate Tracking, Up to 7 Days Battery Life, 20+ Goal-Based Exercise Modes/Tracking, Built-In GPS


Long Battery Life

  • Up to 7 days of battery life when not using GPS. Up to 5 hours with GPS enabled.

Workout Intensity Map

  • When exercising outdoors, the Fitbit app on the Charge 4 can show you the heart rate zones you reached throughout your entire route.


  • Select exercises, such as running and biking, can be tracked automatically once you begin. Detailed information regarding the workout can be found within the Fitbit app.

Cardio Fitness Score

  • A personalized cardio fitness score helps you to better monitor this aspect of your fitness over time.

Female Health

  • Women can use the Charge 4 to track their periods, record symptoms, view a predicted ovulation calendar, and more.

All-Day Activity Tracking

  • The Charge 4 can track steps, distance, floors climbed, hourly activity, calories burned, and stationary time.

All-Day Calorie Burn

  • In addition to measuring burned calories during workouts, the Charge 4 records the calories you burn for the remainder of the day. Having a daily total can help you better stay on track and meet your weight loss goals.

Works with Fitbit App

  • Using the Fitbit app, you can view a complete picture of your health and fitness on your own dashboard. Track your progress over time and set new goals for yourself.

Reminders to Move

  • You need to move in order to reach your goals and the Charge 4 helps you stay on track with fun, on-screen reminders to encourage you to get up and move throughout the day.

Personalized Reminders

  • Set personalized reminders to help you stay on track to your goals. Remind yourself to stay active, get hydrated, get to sleep on time, and more

Notifications and Apps

  • Pair the Fitbit Charge 4 with your smartphone to receive notifications from apps, such as weather and timers. If you pair the Charge 4 with an Android-based smartphone, you can even send quick replies to incoming messages. A host of everyday apps opens up a variety of capabilities, such as setting a timer, checking the weather, or running a stopwatch.

Wireless Sync

  • Charge 4 automatically syncs to iOS and Android mobile devices, showing you stats, trends, and progress on your Fitbit dashboard.

Do Not Disturb/Sleep

  • In these modes you can relax and recharge by muting calls and set a vibrating alarm for reminders or to wake up more naturally.

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