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Allocacoc Remote Control Power Cube Socket


Unique cube appearance, Multiple pairing ways, Remote Controller:(sold Separately)

Allocacoc Power Cube Socket - Satisfy All Your Power Needs!
This Allocacoc Extended Power Cube is a multiple sockets adapter which features four UK sockets, one 1.5 meters cable and one remote controller, appropriate for powering different kinds of home appliances, enabling you to switch the power cube on or off from a distance easily, making your life more efficient.

Power Cube Socket:
Unique cube appearance: convenient power socket with 4 UK outlets which allows you to power four devices synchronously.
Multiple pairing ways: just need to press the orange button for five seconds then it can pair in three ways: one-to-many, many-to-one, or even many-to-many. 

Remote Controller:(sold Separately)
No battery needed: adopting the principle of magnetic induction, this controller can produce power by using the instantaneous current to transmit the frequency signal for realizing remote control without batteries. 
One key operation: pressing the controller button twice, all the connected devices will turn on or turn off synchronously.
Foot switch: press by foot is very handy when your hands are tied, operate conveniently. 
Recycle and removal sticky pad: can easily attach to any smooth surfaces without leaving any residue after removed. Wipe the sticky pad with the wet tissues, then it could be used again and again.


  • Brand: Allocacoc
  • Model: 1533 / UKEXRM
  • Remote control distance: about 10M
  • Cable length: 1.5M
  • Voltage: 250V
  • Power: 0.7W

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