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Baseus Small Elephant Humidifier - White


Two levels of fog adjustment, Anti dry design, 600 ml capacity, 10hrs smart power off

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Large amount of mist moisturizes and relieves dryness

The amount of fog is much larger than the existing small humidifiers on the market, which can quickly alleviate air drying


No condensation, finer fog

Newly upgraded nano atomization, large amount of fog and atomized moisture can be directly absorbed by the skin


No interference between work and rest

Nano-level atomizing film, the sound is as low as 25dB, truly emollient and silent


Helps to prevent dry burning, with probe detection

The anti-dry burning probe will automatically cut off the power when the water level is low to prevent dry burning without water


10 hours of smart power off, even if you forget to turn off when you go out

It does not matter if the humidifier is turned on when you go out. The humidifier will automatically power off after 10 hours of continuous operation


Accidentally dumped without leaking

The humidifier is equipped with a sealing ring, even if it is dumped, it will not leak a drop of water.

DHXX-02 Humidifier