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Odin ZeroGravity 3XL Mousepad - 48"X24", White in White Stitch


ZeroGravity gaming mouse pads offer a unique blend of extreme speed and control without the use of surface coatings that wear down over time.

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Product Description:


  • ZeroGravity surface achieves extreme speed without the use of coatings or weird fabrics that wear down over time. That means your ZeroGravity won't lose its glide and is easy to clean.
  • Soft and durable stitching. Stitching is aligned with the ZeroGravity surface. That means your arm will not get irritated while gaming.
  • Same speed and feel swiping left to right and up and down (X and Y).
  • Speed doesn't mean loss of control. ZeroGravity achieves speed while still allowing great control for those perfect head shots.

ODIN-ZG4824WW Mouse Pads