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Marvo Omni-drectional Microphone with Tripod stand & POP Filter


Can distinguish complex acoustic details, can receive signals from all directions, high-quality sound recording & ensures low distortion

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Regardless of what you do, whether you are streaming or recording your own videos, it is good to have the right microphone. Choose the Marvo MIC-02 equipment that will not disappoint you. A microphone that can distinguish complex acoustic details, can receive signals from all directions, guarantees high-quality sound recording and ensures low distortion. This is what the Marvo MIC-02 is characterized by!
Mounting on a tripod
The microphone can be easily mounted on a tripod with metal feet. Rubber bands are used to hold the microphone in place, while at the same time preventing noise propagation in the event of hitting the tripod. Without the rubber bands, the noise of the microphone hitting the walls of the tripod would be transmitted. The microphone also allows you to lock it on a tripod at any angle.
POP filter
Our Microphone also comes with a 10 cm POP filter. It protects the microphone against loud breathing and saliva and is used to suppress the so-called "explosive consonants". The filter can be attached to a tripod with a metal arm that can be locked at any distance from the microphone.

Technical data:
• Microphone type: Omni-directional
• Microphone size: 6 x 5mm
• Signal to noise ratio: -36 dB
• Frequency range: 50 Hz - 16 KHz
• Microphone sensitivity: -38 dB ± 3 dB
• Impedance: ≤ 2.2 KΩ
• Connection: 3.5mm jack socket
• Cable length: 1.5 m
• Compatible with: Windows 7 or later

MARVO-MIC-02 Microphones
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