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UPERGO UP-1 Aluminum Alloy Height Adjustable Laptop, Tablet Foldable Stand For upto 15.6" Laptop - White

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Six Height Adjustment Improve Cooling Performance Compact Body Foldable Design

A Multi-Purpose, Suitable for iPad, Pro Laptops and Other Devices, Suitable For 15.6-Inch and Below Laptops, 12.9-Inch And Below Tablet Computers, Easy To Use at Anytime, Anywhere 35mm Diameter Black Button, The Angle of The Bracket Can Be Adjusted While Pressing.

Improves Typing Ergonomics
The built-in keyboard on most laptops is not exactly ergonomic, to say the least. While an external ergonomic keyboard easily fixes this, for many people, this in turn pushes the laptop screen too far away to be viewed comfortably.

Boost productivity
A laptop stand will allow you to boost your productivity because of better ergonomics and less strain in your body for long hours of use. This is the first thing you should purchase after you decide on a laptop.

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