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Orico Multi Charger Docking Station 40W 5 Port USB Charging Station - White


5 Port USB, 40W, White

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Docking station for charging up to 5 tablets at the same time!

 Do you use multiple tablets or smartphones, for example at the office or in your restaurant? Or do you have a family where a lot of use is made of various tablets? Then this modern docking station from Orico is the product you need. You can store and charge up to five tablets or smartphones here.

Load capacity of 40 watts

The charging station has a charging capacity of up to 40W, so that all five tablets and / or smartphones can be charged safely and quickly at the same time. Each port provides a maximum of 2.4A (5V).

All tablets in one central place

Because no fewer than five different tablets and / or smartphones can be placed in the white docking station of Orico, you create a central point where everything can be charged safely and at the same time. This ensures that you can easily access any device if necessary and that ten different sockets are not required. Very handy for at home, but also for the office, in a restaurant, in a hotel, at the airport, at school or in a shopping center.

Product specifications:

  •  Material: aluminum + ABS.
  •  Total charging power: 40W.
  •  Output per USB port: 2.4A (5V).
  •  5 stands for tablets / smartphones.
  •  Color: white.
  •  Cable length: 1.5 meters.

DUK-5P-UK-WH-BP Power Extension