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Casio FX-100MS-2W-DH-V, Scientific Calculator

CASIO      SKU:  FX-100MS-2W-DH-V

Casio FX-100MS-2W-DH-V, Scientific Calculator, 300 Function


  • Non-programmable
  • 10-digit mantissa + 2-digit exponential
  • Display High resolution display provides great graphics every time
  • Quick and easy recall of previously run formulas for editing and replay
  • Plastic Keys: Designed and manufactured for easy to use
  • PAM (super visually perfect algebraic method): All the functionality of the existing VPAM series plus a new 2-line display and useful replay function. All of this helps make math easier to use and understand than ever
  • Viewing and Editing Input Data
  • Equation
  • Calculating Complex Numbers
  • Standard statistical functions such as mean, sum, standard deviation and regression
  • Trigonometric, logarithmic exponential, etc.
  • Calculation in base n
  • Binary / octal / hexadecimal
  • Differentiation
  • Non graphic
  • Integration

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