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Braun Silk Expert Pro3 - 300,000 Flashes

BRAUN      SKU:  PL3011 IPL

Silk-expert Pro 3, 300,000 Flashes, Clinically Tested

Description and Specification:


  • PL3011 IPL: Braun Silk-expert Pro 3 ensures permanent hair reduction in just 3 months. It automatically and continuously adapts to your skin tone to ensure optimal safety and efficacy.
  • 300,000 Flashes3 Intensity Levels: 300,000 flashes (+20% vs previous Silk-expert 3) deliver an equivalent of 16 years of treatment. The 3 intensity levels ensure the light adapts to your skin tone.
  • Fast Gliding and Stamp Mode: The gliding mode triggers more flashes for the fastest treatment, ideal for large body parts, while the stamp mode provides a more precise treatment suitable for smaller and sensitive areas.
  • The Safest IPL Thanks To Sensoadapt Technology: Skin tone varies across your body, so the SensoAdapt sensor (with UV protection) continuously reads the skin tone and adapts the flash intensity for the safest & most effective permanent visible hair removal.
  • Assessed on lower leg, armpits & bikini, following the treatment schedule. Individual results may vary.
  • Clinically Tested: Clinically tested by experts, treatments are gentle and virtually painless
  • Recommended By Skin Health Alliance: Dermatologically accredited and skin safe by a leading international skin health organization working with dermatologists and scientists.
  • 2 Comfort Modes: Normal & gentle mode with a gentle setting ideal for beginners.
  • Non Stop Power: Requires not batteries or charging. Simply plug in device and begin treatment.
  • Venus Smooth Razor
  • Beauty Bag
  • To Store and Transport Your IPL
  • Color: White /Lilac

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