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Braun Multiquick 3 juicer

BRAUN      SKU:  J300

1.25 Litre, 800 watts, 2 Speeds

Made out of high gloss plastic body with stainless steel accents*, the Braun Multiquick 3 Juicer J300 is a robust yet elegant and compact appliance. Every line, every detail has been thought through carefully to combine form and function, beauty and performance. The spout, drip stopper, pulp container and 'pusher' integrate themselves perfectly in the overall design creating a seamless unity.

J300 Juicers
  • Brand: Braun
  • Speeds: 2
  • Anti-Drip: Yes
  • Wattage: 800W
  • Capacity: 1.25L
  • Feature 1: Fast-juicing system
  • Feature 2: 2 in 1 cleaning brush
  • Feature 3: Anti splash stainless steel spout
  • Feature 4: Stainless steel micro mesh sieve
  • Feature 5: Four-way automatic safety switch off