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Babyliss: IPL Home Light Sensor


300 000 Flashes, 90% Less Hair in 8 Sessions, 2 Interchangeable Application Windows

Description and Specification:


A Safer Product:

  • SKIN SENSOR SYSTEM: Recommends intensity based on color of the skin.
  • Contact Detector: No untimely start
  • Skin Tolerance: Without UV


A Proven Efficacy:

2 Interchangeable Application Windows:

  • 4 cm: an even bigger window
  • 2 cm : for face and sensitive areas

Very Long Life: 300 000 flashes

Effectiveness Clinically Tested: 90% less hair in 8 sessions


Easy and Quick:

  • Hair Removal Program of 8 Sessions
  • Precision Accessories (Face/Sensitive Areas)
  • Glide Mode: Continuous Flashing
  • Ergonomic Handle

BABG962SDE Epilators
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