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Eagle 1 Tap Water Cooler

EAGLE      SKU:  STO151

43.5 Litres / 20 Gallon Water Capacity

Eagle 1 Tap water cooler, Water Capacity 43.5 Litres / 20 Gallon.Open tank.Surprisingly fast in cooling, water coolers come with all stainless steel body. These coolers are ideal for places like school, colleges, offices and other corporate & commercial applications. The powerful and rugged compressor with power saving insulation make these cooler true value for money.Designed such a way that its use the minimum space.Easy to installation & use.

STO151 Water Dispensers
  • Brand: Eagle
  • Body: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 43.5 L / 20 Gallon
  • Feature: Closed Tank Cooler