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Xiaomi Mi Induction Heating Rice Cooker 1130W, White - ZHF4009GL


Power: 1130W, Volume: 5 cups Rice/3L water, Automatic shut off, LED panel for convenient use

<p><strong><u>Product Description:</u></strong></p>
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<li>Power: 1130W</li>
<li>Volume: 5 cups Rice/3L water</li>
<li>Wifi Smart connectivity through MI Home App to control rice cooker from anywhere</li>
<li>Induction heating (electromagnetic induction)</li>
<li>4 types of cooking: Soft, moderate, rigid and Customize.</li>
<li>Alloy Pot material</li>
<li>Automatic shut off</li>
<li>LED panel for convenient use</li>
<li>PFA powder coating so cooked rice will not stick</li>

ZHF4009GL Rice Cookers