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GUNNAR Menlo (Onyx Frame, Liquet Lens Tint)- Digital Eyewear


Gunnar produces the only blue light blocking with patented lens technology to enhance your vision

Blocks up to 35% Blue Light Blocks up to 100% UV Light Lightweight Design at 0.9 oz Anti-Reflect, Anti-Glare Lens Coating. Gunnar produces the only blue light blocking computer and Gaming glasses with Patented Lens (#9417460) Technology that is recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision. Gunnar developed the Blue Light Protection Factor, telling you exactly how much of the peak blue light spectrum (450nm) We're blocking. Not all blue light glasses in the market protects you from the strongest high-energy visible light. The preferred gaming Glass for men and women, GUNNAR protects against symptoms stemming from prolonged screen-staring including migraines, headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, negative effects of blue light exposure, cataracts and macular degeneration Specs (in mm) lens Width: 56, bridge: 18, Temple: 145, weight: 28Gm, Fit: wide. Gunnar produces ergonomically designed gaming/computer eyewear with a lightweight frame to give you a full day of comfortable screen viewing. Included with your purchase of our gaming and computer Glasses - microfiber pouch, microfiber cleaning cloth

GUNNAR-MEN-00109 PC Accessories