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Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset with Motion Controllers, Iron Gray

LENOVO      SKU:  G0A20002WW

Dual 2.89" LCD Displays, No External Sensors Needed, 2880 x 1440 Total Resolution

Compatible with a variety of laptops and desktop computers that meet the requirements of Windows Mixed Reality, the Lenovo Explorer headset allows you to watch shows in a virtual environment, play virtual reality games, travel the world through holo-tours, watch immersive 3D, 360°, and 4K videos, browse websites, or simply get some work done in the Microsoft Office suite. With the Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset, you have several different options for controlling your computer. You can use the included Motion Controllers for natural, fine-tuned interactions using Bluetooth wireless technology. You can also use a Microsoft Xbox controller or the classic keyboard and mouse combo. There is also an option to use Cortana Voice for a more hands-free approach.

G0A20002WW Virtual Reality