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Baseus Clean Guard nozzle with car wash hose, 30m - CRXC01-G01

BASEUS      SKU:  CRXC01-G01

Model: CRXC01-G01, Material: Aluminum + ABS, Weight: 560g

Product Description & Specifications:

  • Newly upgraded 2 in 1 Wash & Scrub Clean Guard Multifunctional Car Wash spray Nozzle – 2in1 Wash & Scrub, High-Pressure Flushing, Four Position telescoping, A 360 Degree Rotatable
  • Nozzle Wash & Scrub Makes Your Car Shiny and Clean as New More Through Cleaning in two New Ways – Easy to Wash with High-Pressure Water Jet
  • A Mop Head for Scrubbing the Car – With a Practical Mop Head Continuous water flow to keep the mop wet – 360 Degree Rotation – Detachable
  • Clean Your Car with Powerful Water Flow – Pressure boost design to avoid a tap small water Pressure – Pressurization Water flow is Pressurized through rebound and compression in the telescopic pipe. Pressure Accumulation – A High-Pressure water flow is formed after accumulating water pressure in the wash Gun.
  • 8 Meters High-Pressure Spray – High-Pressure water offers High impact force and a long spray distance.
  • Multifunctional Water Spray for Home use – Direct Spray pattern for cleaning stubborn stains, Scattering spry pattern for cleaning dust, Umbrella spray pattern for rapid wetting, Shower spray pattern for Washing floors and Watering Plants

CRXC01-G01 Controllers