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Panasonic Compact Water Purifier


6.5 Litre /min Filtering Capacity, Powdered Activated Carbon

  • The non-woven fabric provides exceptional filtration performance to remove coarse paricles of dirt. At the same time the activated carbon, which has an outstanding self-cleaning effect, absorbs harmful substances such as red rust and mold. These two features work together to provide clean water.

TK-CS10-WEX Water Purifiers
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Feature 1: Compact & Stylish Design
  • Feature 2: Powdered activated carbon Non-woven fabric
  • Feature 3: Provides Safe and Clean Water for Your Daily Life
  • Feature 4: 6.5 Litre /min Filtering Capacity Residual Chlorine:95%
  • Feature 5: Long Cartridge Life 12,500 Litre For Residual Chlorine