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Panasonic Anchor 56 Inch Ceiling Fan, White


Panasonic Anchor 56 Inch Ceiling Fan 5 Speed Selection, Fall Prevention Screw, Thermal Fuse/Link

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  • Brand: Anchor

  • Size: 56 Inch

  • An exclusively designed fall prevention Safety Plate is fitted behind the motor that secures the blade from accidentally falling off.

  • Safety Wire is provided to secure the fan motor to the ceiling hook, preventing the motor from falling off for any reason.

  • Fitted with a highly reliable Thermal Safety Fuse that immediately cuts off power to the motor in case of a power surge or overheating.

  • Pre-equipped with a uniquely designed Fall Prevention Screw in the shaft to prevent wobbling of the fan.

  • 5 Speed Selection

  • Fall Prevention Screw

  • Thermal Fuse/Link

  • Blade Safety Plate

A56A1VFWXI Ceiling Fans
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