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Casio 12mm Black-On-White Standard Label Tape

CASIO      SKU:  XR-12WE1-W-DJ1

Tape Width: 12 mm, Tape Colour: Black On White, Length: 8 Meters

Product Description:

  • Conventional Label Tapes

Conventional label tapes are labelling tapes for everyday use or those that do not need special requirements, These are the label tapes that you use for general labelling jobs like your files, general indicators, small notes and markers.

  • A Wide Range Of Colours

Label tapes, may it be conventional or the specialized ones, come in a multitude of colours and various sizes. Sizes 24mm, 18mm, 12mm, 9mm and 6mm suitable for all the labeling jobs you have. They also come in a wide selection of colours that you could use as indicators as per your colour coding or just to match the colour scheme of what you are labelling.

XR-12WE1-W-DJ1 Inks & Toners