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Roland Pad Stand


New Angle-Adjustment Clamp that Offers 200 Degrees of Tilt

Along with the debut of the Roland HandSonic 10 comes a new double-braced support stand: the PDS-10. It’s the successor to the PDS-15, and features a newly improved angle clamp that provides 200 degrees of tilt. The stand is designed to be used with Roland’s HPD-, SPD-, VG-, and VB-series instruments, which include the HandSonic 10, HandSonic 15, SPD-20, SPD-S, VG-99, and VB-99.

PDS-10 Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Roland
  • Feature 1: More affordable than previous model
  • Feature 2: New angle-adjustment clamp that offers 200 degrees of tilt
  • Feature 3: Double-braced tripod, 2-section pipe with height adjustment that enables standing or sitting positions